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I wouldn't be able to travel and work without this handy tool!  This is what I use for a hot spot when my phone's personal hot spot isn't getting the job done!  Click here for details and to purchase. 

Don't have time to wash your hair?  Need a little volume boost?  Need to freshen up a bit?  This is exactly what you need!  Click here to view ingredients and to purchase.

This is my Clam.  I love it and can't imagine not having it!  It sets up in less than a minute and keeps the bugs away. I  also have the wind panels which I purchased separately.  Here is the link for this Clam.

If I were buying a Clam today, this is the one I would get.  So many new features since I bought mine.  And yes, it's pricey, but so worth it.  When I bought mine it was about $350.00.  This one includes the wind panels (I bought mine separate) and the panels have windows to let the sun in!!  Also, brand new -- now there is an attachable floor.  This will keep the bugs out that come up from the ground, and also lets you use this as a tent! Here is the link for this one.

Bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and so much more.  This is my go-to solution when I am on the road!  See ingredients and purchase here.

Cleanse and moisturize your hands without alcohol!  Also available in smaller size for on the go use.  Click here to view ingredients and purchase.

This was the first trip I used these miracle workers!!  The key to stabilizing your camper is to extend your stabilizers as little as possible.  Up until now I have been using a single set of leveling blocks.  This was leaving my stabilizers extended almost to their max.  I purchased two of these and put them wherever I would be extending the stabilizer the most, and then I split up the leveling blocks for the other two stabilizers.  I will be purchasing two more of these before my next trip!  See them here. 

This is my new favorite camping accessory!!  Rarely do I ever have a camp fire.  It's too much work just for myself, and by the time I get it going I'm ready to move on to the next thing.  I also don't like the smell of smoke on all of my clothing and in my hair.  The Solo Stove solves all of these problems!!  You load it up with wood chunks and a bit kindling and a match and voila! You have a fire with almost no smoke!  This is the Ranger -- which is the smallest of the "bonfire" Solo Stoves.  Certainly big enough for me!!  Check it out here.

I love these pots and pans more than the ones in my home!  The handle is removable, allowing them to nest inside one another.  The pans are a nice, thick stainless steel which makes them so easy to clean!  There are larger sets but I have never needed more than these three pieces.  See the set here.

These are the cleaning products that I use in my home and in the camper.  After all, as a camper, not only is it important to me that I use 100% nontoxic products for myself and my family, but it's also important to me that I use nontoxic products for the environment.  I love these products because not only are they the cleanest products on the market, but they also work just as well as conventional products!  This laundry detergent is also what I use as part of the GeoMethod that I use for my black tank.  If it keeps my black tank clean, imagine how great it works on laundry!   See this discounted bundle here.

This is the back up camera I use and I love it!!  On my old camper (R-Pod 179) I had to attach a heavy duty piece of magnet to the back of the camper using double sided sticky tape.  And then when I was ready to back in I would put the camera on the magnet.  On my new camper  (R-Pod 192) the hot water heater is on the back of the camper so I just put the camera on there. I  have found this to be very helpful! Here is the link if you'd like to check it out:  Back Up Camera

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