• Kim Moynihan

Unwrap the season

It's here! Halloween is this week so, of course, it's Christmas in the stores! I was at the mall last week and it's already decorated. Yikes!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and always has been. I have the best memories of preparing for the big day with my grandmom. When I was little I would go over to help her clean the silver. Her table was always elaborate, the food decadent, and the effort -- exhausting!!

I host Thanksgiving for my family, but I do not go to the lengths that my grandmom did. For me, the day is more about taking time to think of all that I am thankful for, and having time to enjoy the holiday with family. That was the downside to my grandmom's efforts -- we never saw her! She spent the entire day slaving away in the kitchen.

So, as much as I wish we could wait until Thanksgiving has passed to launch our holiday products, I know that if I did many of you would have already finished your holiday shopping!! And trust me, when you smell these products, you are going to want to give them as gifts, as well as use them around your home!

Candy Canes and Vanilla -- delicious scents to create a warm, cozy home. What perfect scents to create that feeling of joy and comfort.

We've got gifts for all budgets this year, too!! Gifts under $15, $30, or $50 -- something for everyone!

Want to know what I'll be giving as gifts this year (and using around my home because I deserve some gifts, too!)?

Perfect for teachers, scout leaders, coaches, and anyone else you want to show how much you appreciate them -- our candy cane dream cream is perfect! At only $12.95 this is the perfect "I appreciate you" gift AND it comes with a free sweet mint lip balm, too!! Need something just a bit more? Our candy cane duo includes the dream cream, lip balm and a candy cane moisturizing hand soap -- all for $24.95.

Do you prefer the smell of sugar cookies to candy canes? Then you will *love* our vanilla hand soap and body wash! Remember -- we don't use fragrance, so this is REAL vanilla! Ah-mazing!! Can't decide between the two scents? Then the hand soap duo is for you!

Know someone who loves those toxin-filled, fragrance-laden lotions and scrubs you get at the mall? Here is the non-toxic solution! Give the gift of a luscious product AND good health! The vanilla body butter is luscious -- so smooth and creamy. The candy cane sugar scrub will scrub away that dry skin (alligator skin is what I call it!) and leave you tingly, and the vanilla hand soap and body wash will keep you clean and smelling scrumptious!

These products have set the bar high this holiday season -- and there's even more!! Check out the full catalog here!

Have you been considering becoming a new preferred customer? With the purchase of one of our preferred customer bundles, you can purchase the COMPLETE holiday pack (9 products -- $168 value!) for just $39!!

Even better -- need money for your holiday shopping? Join my team and you can add the holiday products to your business kit for 77% off!! Want to know more? I'm happy to share how you can provide safe, effective products to your friends and family while getting your products at a discount (or even for free!) AND earning a competitive commission.

I hope that the information in this blog post, as well as the convenience offered of direct to you shipping and personalized shopping, will help to keep you focused on enjoying the upcoming holidays and not getting stressed by the hustle and bustle.

Wishing you a joy-filled fall!




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