Meet Kim

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!  I hope that you will find my blog to be informative and helpful.

Looking back, I guess I could say I've been an entrepreneur my entire life.  As a young child, I loved selling Girl Scout cookies and calendars (do you remember the Girl Scout calendars??) door to door in the neighborhood.  For the holidays I would go door to door selling wrapping paper and Christmas cards, not as a school fundraiser, but in order to earn money to buy Christmas presents for my family.  So, I guess it's only natural that I ended up being an entrepreneur as my career.

I began my adult entrepreneurial days over fifteen years ago when I joined a direct sales company "for the discount".  I was a big-time user of the product so it only made sense that I become a consultant, purchase my own products at a discount, and sell some things along the way to support my habit!  As I started doing parties to sell the products, I started to realize how much I loved teaching people how to use them!  I found joy in teaching them the tips and tricks I had learned over the years by using the products myself.  

Six years later, I left that company because I happen to come across a new opportunity that I believed would be very fun AND very profitable!  You could say that I joined my first company to save money, but I definitely joined the second company to MAKE money!  It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience.  I not only grew my own business, but grew a team of business partners across the county.  It was during this time that I first began training others on my knowledge of direct sales and party plans.  It only took one time for me realize that I had found my passion -- teaching others!

I stayed with that company for eight years -- and it was wonderful.  I truly believed that I would never leave.  

But then, in August 2015, my then 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  Needless to say, my world came to a screeching halt, and my total focus was on caring for her.  One year later, when she was deemed cancer-free, I was ready to start living my own life again.  But this time I told myself it was going to be different.

You see, cancer teaches you very quickly that the future is not guaranteed.  I had lots of plans for the future in my head.  What I was going to do when my kids had gone off to college.  How I wanted to live my retired life.  Where I wanted to travel.  Things I wanted to see.  Activities I wanted to do.

But until the cancer diagnosis, it was always "someday".  It never occurred to me that I could be living a life I loved beginning RIGHT NOW.

After cancer, I was determined to start living life on my terms.   I no longer had time for the "nonsense" stuff.  If it didn't really matter, it was no longer a part of my life.  And by eliminating the clutter, I had much more time for what truly did matter -- my family and myself!

I began my journey by mediating, thinking and researching.  What did I really want?  What truly mattered in my life?  At time is was super fun, dreaming up what I really wanted.  Other times it was very scary -- realizing the changes I would have to make in order to make my dreams my reality.

The end result of a lot of focused, dedicated effort is that I have taken all I learned and now I want to share it with you!  Don't let it take a cancer diagnosis to make you realize what's truly important in your life!  Begin your new life now!  I'm here to help!  

So, what do you really want?  What changes will you make for the good of yourself and your family?  How badly do you want to Live a Life you Love?

If you are ready to get started, I am ready to help!  I can't wait to hear from you!


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